This post provides price ranges for many of the items associated with a traditional funeral service.  Reviewing these considerations will help you identify the type of funeral service most appropriate for your budget.

A traditional funeral service can cost nearly $10,000

While the average funeral costs nearly $7,500, many traditional funerals cost in excess of $10,000.  Here are the main components typically associated with a traditional funeral:

    • casket: $2,300
    • funeral director’s basic services fee: $1,400
    • embalming and body preparation: $600
    • viewing / visitation ceremony: $400
    • funeral ceremony: $450
    • transportation (pick up body, limousine, and hearse): $625
    • miscellaneous (certificates, permits, music, clergy, obituary, register book, service folders, obituary, flowers): $500
    • grave site $1,000
    • fee to dig grave site $500
    • headstone $1,500

The above costs represent national averages for many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral service.  Your actual costs could be higher (or lower) based upon geographic location, the funeral home you select, and the actual items you purchase.

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