Many times you'll hear people say that the average funeral costs around $6,000. However, that estimate is based on a price survey taken several years ago. Funeral prices, like everything else, have increased with inflation.

Today, the average North American traditional funeral costs between $7,000 and $10,000. This price range includes the services at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and the installation of a headstone. While cremation is gaining in popularity, the traditional funeral is still the most popular manner for disposing of the deceased.

Here is a reasonable "ballpark" estimate of the main funeral costs.

It's important to notes that funeral prices vary considerably between funeral homes and geographic areas of the country,

    • fee for the funeral director's services: $1,500
    • cost for a casket: $2,300
    • embalming: $500
    • cost for using the funeral home for the actual funeral service: $500
    • cost of a grave site: $1,000
    • cost to dig the grave: $600
    • cost of a grave liner or outer burial container: $1,000
    • cost of a headstone: $1,500

In this example, total costs would approximate $9,000....and that's just for the "main" items. There could be additional charges for things like placing the obituary in the newspaper and buying flowers.

Average funeral costs for popular cities in the US


Average Funeral Cost

Atlanta, Georgia $6,977
Austin, Texas $7,205
Boston, Massachusetts $7,853
Chicago, Illinois $7,053
Dallas, Texas $8,052
Denver, Colorado $6,360
Detroit, Michigan $6,128
Honolulu, Hawaii $7,005
Houston, Texas $8,387
Los Angeles, California $5,546
Miami, Florida $6,216
Minneapolis, Minnesota $7,357
New York City, New York $6,895
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $6,667
Portland, Oregon $6,173
Sacramento, California $6,360
San Diego, California $6,133
San Francisco, California $6,779
San Jose, California $6,381
Seattle, Washington $5,708
Washington, DC $6,962

Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to reduce the cost of funeral services to a more reasonable level. We recommend searching and comparing local funeral home pricing at