Save Money on Funeral Costs by Making Arrangements at a Low-Priced Funeral Home and Cemetery

Many people don’t realize that prices can vary greatly between funeral homes.   Over just the last three years many family-run funeral homes (and local cemeteries) have been taken-over by big global corporations.  These big corporate funeral homes often keep the original owner’s family name on the door so they don't scare away their old customers.  Unfortunately, these corporations often raise prices by 30% to 50%.

Don't just the pick the same old funeral home

This is why you should NOT automatically use the same funeral home you have used in the past UNTIL you check to see if they have SINCE become part of one of the big funeral corporations – as so many have!

Choosing a reasonably-priced local funeral home instead of one of the many corporate funeral homes can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket funeral expenses. …often reducing your overall funeral bill by $2,000 – to $4,000 for the same exact items.

This same principle applies to cemeteries.  These funeral corporations have also been buying up many of the older, better established cemeteries across the country.  They realize that if you already have a family history with a particular cemetery you are more likely to pay their larger fees just to be buried next to a deceased relative.

Here's what you should do

So what can you do about all this?  Well, the first thing you should do is call a few funeral homes in your area and ask them if they are now owned by one of the big corporations.  If they're still a family-run business they'll be proud to tell you so.

If you don't feel comfortable calling and asking funeral homes about this, check out section 3 of the Funeral $aver’s Kit to learn a neat little trick that lets you to use your computer to find out each and every corporate funeral home in your area.  You can do it right from the comfort of you home in less than 5 minutes and it's completely free.

After eliminating the really expensive funeral homes, you'll want to find out which funeral homes offer the most reasonable prices.  Again, you can do this simply by calling funeral homes in your area and requesting their price information.

Although funeral homes are NOT required to send you price information when you ask for it over the phone, some are still willing to do this.

 If you would like to save money the next time you need to make funeral arrangements, you can search and compare local funeral home pricing at

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David Hawkins 2 months, 2 weeks ago

There seems to be a lot of things to consider when finding a funeral home. I really like you tip of basically just calling and see if you talk to a person and how they treat their customers. You could even pay a visit and see if you get a good feeling or not since they will be working with your very closely with a very sensitive topic. Thanks for the information.

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Mathias 2 months ago

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