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We make sure that your experience with us is one that will leave a positive lasting impression, fitting to the memory of your loved ones. Our family will welcome you to our home, and make sure that we do everything possible to help ease the burden of decision making - as to make your time of sorrow as stress-free as we can. There are no high-pressure situations here. We don't tell you what you are going to do. We make it a point to listen to your individual wants and needs, and create a service that is exactly to your tastes whether it be the simplest, or the most elaborate.
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Price List

The prices below are based on the General Price List for Smith Funeral & Cremation Care. However, funeral homes sometimes have special pricing packages available, and you should ask if those are available.

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $1,625
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $425
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $425
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $425
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service $395
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $275
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $425
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) $425
Direct Burial $2,450
Direct Cremation $2,475
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home $1,650
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home $1,650
Embalming $525

The General Price List we have on file for Smith Funeral & Cremation Care has an effective date of March 28, 2016. The prices on our site are for your reference only. We can’t guarantee that the actual prices will be the same as the prices listed on our site. All funeral homes have an effective date on their Price Lists that are subject to change and we recommend that you ask the funeral home for its most recent prices over the phone or for a copy of their General Price List.


12 Reviews

We used Smith Funeral & Cremation for my mother in law in January of 2020. My mother in law who lived with us passed unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. Smith Funeral Home went completely above and beyond. They COMPLETELY handled every little detail for us, we simply had to pick out Moms urn. They honestly took care of everything. They even still send us cards to honor her memory. But let me tell you about how they even went beyond that. Fast forward to this January (2021) my husband Aunt passed away. Her daughter sent her to another funeral home in Morgantown WV. She has had one headache after another with them, they didn't even provide her with laminated obituaries or even a guest book to be sign. I called Jason at Smith's and asked if he could simply tell me where I could go about purchasing one. I was willing to buy one I just didn't know where and I also asked if he could point me in the right direction of where to get her some laminated obituaries for her grandkids. I would have never expected that Jason said he would be happy to take care of them for us. In a world where everyone is chasing a dollar Jason knew that some things in like are just hard enough on their own and helping out our neighbors was best. The fact that he not only did an amazing job with my mother in law and made process as simple as possible in such a difficult time but also went above and beyond for my husband's Aunt has completely blew us away. We have made it a point to share our experiences with this business by word of mouth, but kindness and compassion truly has been amazing. Jason, words cant express the gratitude we have for you and how truly appreciated you and your business are. Thank you

Chessica K.

Jan 29, 2021

To the families of Morgantown and surrounding communities, I would like to share a small expression of my gratitude to Jason and his staff. As a funeral director in a prominent New England community, I take pride in serving not only our local families and friends, but those from out of town, as well. When we are called to help an out of town funeral home with a local death we go out of our way to make sure that family is served as if it was our own family. Unfortunately, many times this is not how we experience the same situation when we are trying to help a local family who has experienced a death far away from us. I called Jason to ask for his help to get a loved one home to his family. From the initial call to the final 'after service' check in, Jason was there side by side with me, with several hundred miles of actual distance virtually wiped away. In 28 years of funeral service I have never experienced an out of town funeral home who has gone every mile for me with pride and dedication. If Jason's ethic serves the other funeral homes this well, and in turn, the families we are striving to help, I can only imagine how he is able to serve his local community. The deceased was well cared for, the logistics and paperwork required were completed in lightning speed; all which helped us serve our family with our usual accuracy. As professionals helping professionals we expect excellence. I have never felt a need to point out a funeral home to its community until now. Jason and staff will treat you well, treat your loved one with the same care and respect he would provide for his own loved ones, and will honor his community with every service he is entrusted with. Jeff K. - a Funeral Director in New England

Jeff K.

Jan 07, 2018

Dear Jason and Cathy, I wanted to express how much your compassion and support meant to me and our family during the illness and passing of my husband Timothy. Tim had specific requests he wanted in his final days regarding his cremation, memorial and military rights. You were tremendous. You never questioned or tried to convince me to do anything differently than what Tim wanted. You worked with me to accomplish pre-planning knowing that Tim's time was very short. The peace of mind you gave us allowed for us to laugh, love and enjoy the time we had left. I am eternally grateful. When Tim passed at home you were there to make a difficult transition for me dignified and peaceful. I took comfort in knowing you were watching over him until we prepared for his memorial. The work you do in bringing families together to celebrate a loved ones life is not easy.God has blessed you with the gifts needed to help ease the pain when decisions are difficult. Thank you so much!

The Family of Timothy M.

Jan 07, 2018

I can personally attest to the skills and attention to detail of Jason when it comes to his profession in that he took care of my uncle when he passed. But, for me, what stood out is the care and emotional support that he showed during our time of need. It was so much more than a business transaction to him and that fact could be felt by everyone in my family. Thank you again Jason!

Damian R.

Jan 07, 2018

ason, You and your wife Cathy are such blessings to so many people. I would not have wanted to go through losing my son Michael with anyone else but you .I know its your calling but you do the work of Angels here on earth and made my unbearable pain much easier seeing how you treated my baby. I felt like you knew him and knew exactly what he would have wanted, as if he were watching from heaven. The words are not enough. I hope I never need your services again, but if I do I know your the only guy I would trust to do it with. Thank you! So proud you opened up your own place to remember our loved ones. You rock!

Brenda D.

Jan 07, 2018

Smith Funeral & Cremation Care was instrumental in assisting my mom and I with my Uncle Mick's services. Jason was compassionate and very professional throughout this difficult time. He went above and beyond and provided some extra touches to honor my Uncle. These extra touches meant the world to us! I highly recommend the Smith family's services.

Marcie H.

Jan 07, 2018

I have lived in morgantown for 5 years. I met jason a few years ago and reconnected with him a few months ago. He did a friends service and the work and compassion that he showed is top notch and very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has a heart and cares from beginning to end and beyond.

Lenny W.

May 15, 2016

Jason is one of the most compassionate human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has plenty of integrity, sincerity, and a genuine soul. He will treat you as family during your grieving process.

Kathryn A.

Apr 25, 2016

We have been in Morgantown 20 years. I have not personally had to use a funeral service in this area for a loved one but I have attended services that Jason Smith has cared for. I can truly say his level of care and compassion is inspiring. When the time comes for my family to need services I would entrust them to no one other than Jason. He truly cares!

Dawn T.

Apr 05, 2016

My dad passed tragically, Jason was the most understanding & caring person... He saw that my mom was in shock & not ready to deal with anything. The next day he sat down with us & helped with everything. He answered every little question & a few of the major ones. He did a remarkable job in taking care of our needs. He went above & beyond. Since that terrible day in October 2012, Jason, Cathy, & their children have become family to me.

Tammy C.

Apr 01, 2016

I can personally attest to the skills and attention to detail of Jason when it comes to his profession in that he took care of my uncle when he passed. But, for me, what stood out is the care and emotional support that he showed during our time of need. It was so much more than a business transaction to him and that fact could be felt by everyone in my family. Thank you again Jason!

Damian R.

Mar 30, 2016

I had the opportunity to work with Jason Smith for several years. He is one of the best funeral directors I know. Congratulations on your new funeral home. You are an asset to the city of Morgantown.

Maria M.

Feb 02, 2016

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