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Northern New Jersey is blessed with excellent funeral directors and magnificent buildings. We all care deeply for our families at their worst time and maintain pristine facilities every day. What is the difference between Hennessey Heights Funeral Home and the rest? Price. No one wants to talk about price, but it is on every single family's minds when a loved one passes on. Here at Hennessey Heights Funeral Home, we believe that personal service, high quality products and a fair price is important to you. I ask you to conveniently compare prices on this website see how we can save your family hundreds, even thousands of dollars, with our funeral home.

We provide a staff that is courteous and understanding, facilities that are comfortable and clean, services that are handled with dignity and respect, and we guarantee the most reasonable price.

The staff members of Hennessey Heights Funeral Home will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it's tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss.

Losing a loved one is hard enough, don't let the final cost make it more difficult on you and your family.

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The prices below are based on the General Price List for Hennessey Heights Funeral Home. However, funeral homes sometimes have special pricing packages available, and you should ask if those are available.

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $895
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $700
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $350
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $350
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service $350
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $295
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $350
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) $335
Direct Burial $1,350
Direct Cremation $795
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home $1,295
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home N/A
Embalming $795

The General Price List we have on file for Hennessey Heights Funeral Home has an effective date of Jan. 1, 2016. The prices on our site are for your reference only. We can’t guarantee that the actual prices will be the same as the prices listed on our site. All funeral homes have an effective date on their Price Lists that are subject to change and we recommend that you ask the funeral home for its most recent prices over the phone or for a copy of their General Price List.


7 Reviews

Hi, I'm interested in more information about your cremation. Please call me at 201-982-0827

Nancy T.

Jul 07, 2019

Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Luise G.

Nov 21, 2016

Thank you to the staff, especially Matt! So professional and caring! My mom looked beautiful, you made our time of sorrow so much easier. Thank you again!

Steven D.

Jun 30, 2016

I would like to thank Donna and Matt for the excellent work and help through the process in my time of need. You took care of all the details that I didn't know had to be done in this sad moment of my life. Thank you!

Maria M.

Jun 30, 2016

Matt and Sabrina took care of everything for me during one of our hardest times. They were honest about the process and the price and made the entire process seamless. Before speaking with them I was being quoted almost double the price that they charged me. More than anything they were there for me and I knew I could trust them from the first call. I will absolutely recommend them for their services especially international shipping.

Andrea G.

Jun 30, 2016

I am the sister-in-law of Marion Bass and would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone on your staff for the way the service was handled today. The woman who officiated was wonderful. She spent time getting to know the family and her remarks were right on target. She presented the type of service Marion would have loved. Everything else about your service was terrific as well. You answered our call promptly and compassionately. You stuck to advertised prices and did not add on one thing extra. You did not push any extra products and even let us know where money could be saved. In difficult times, it is good to know there are people like you around.

Linda S.

May 25, 2016

Just letting everyone know of the positive experience my family had with Hennessey Heights Funeral Home. Matt and Tom were caring and thoughtful and offer a variety of options that the family can choose from to bring closure to the life of their loved one. Their no frills, down to earth approach was a welcome relief from the high end increase of other funeral homes. We're happy and content that we chose the traditional funeral home of Hasbrouck Heights, Hennessey Heights Funeral Home

Anthony M.

May 25, 2016

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