Funeral Homes in Derby, CT

Featured Washington Memorial Funeral Home

Washington Memorial Funeral Home

North Haven, CT - 12 mi away
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Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home

Wakelee Memorial Funeral Home

1 reviews
Ansonia, CT - 1 mi away
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“Recently I lost my husband on a Saturday at 4 a.m. I was advised by the VA hospital to sign papers to release him with in 4 hours. I did not know where to go and who to call. I googled Wakelee funeral...” full review »

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Derby, CT?

Service Type Average Price Lowest Price
Traditional Funeral $8,550 $8,550
Cremation Memorial $5,100 $5,100
Direct Burial $4,150 $4,150
Direct Cremation $3,950 $3,950