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Sustainable Funeral

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Burning bodies spews toxins and most of the body out smokestacks harming people, pets, and our planet. We offer a Sustainable Cremation without using any fire or petrochemicals. Instead, we use plant nutrients to upcycle the deceased, so all of their goodness is returned to the Earth.

Our Sustainable Burial is $2,495. Burials take place on private or public land - no more paying for caskets and cemetery plots. Imagine your final resting place supporting life and your body's essence joining with nature and living on forever. Gifting one's body to trees, gardens, church grounds, forests, or pastures supports life. The body's essence joins with nature and lives on. Cemetery burial is unsustainable. Bodies decomposing six-feet deep permanently wastes natural, life-sustaining nutrients and takes land and resources from future generations.

Unfortunately, for past generations, "sustainable funeral" was an oxymoron. The Times They Are A-Changin'. No longer will future generations final act harm families.

Sustainable Funeral returns the deceased's bone fragments (“ashes”) in a biodegradable cotton "urn." The body's essence is returned in reusable containers to the families with a Sustainable Burial or to the land by us with a Sustainable Cremation.

We are a public benefit company with a mission to reduce the health risks to survivors from cremation and cemetery burial.

Embalming should be illegal. To end embalming, we suggest boycotting any funeral home that offers embalming. Also, let the owner or corporation know you might have chosen them except for the fact they embalm. Do not be misled - embalming is not required for a funeral.

Sustainable burial
Sustainable funeral
Sustainable burial
Sustainable funeral

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Direct Burial $2,495
Direct Cremation $2,495

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1 Reviews

I love the fact his body will become part of a tree. All the other funeral homes told us the cost to bury our dad would be at least $5,000, including the cemetery charges. Thank Ed for helping us bury him for half that. He did not want to be burned.

Mary W.

Nov 30, 2019

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