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Simply put, Science Care sets the industry standard for whole body donation that families have come to trust. Our commitment to the highest level of ethics and quality of excellence affirms our integrity and dedication to do what’s best for our donors, donor’s families and our community. Science Care serves the U.S. and global medical research and development communities with donation centers across the United States (Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Miami, and Philadelphia) as well as through our nationwide network of partner lab facilities.

Upon acceptance into our program, there is no cost and includes free cremation.

Science Care Body Donation

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1 Reviews

I am a 62 year old African American Mexican male. I suffer from COPD and Bipolar disorder. I am single and have no ties to family. I am a Navy veteran and wish to be cremated and inurned at a Los Angeles area cemetery.

Frank S.

Oct 07, 2018

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