Funeral Homes in Avenal, CA

Featured Edward A. Cooper Cremation Society

Edward A. Cooper Cremation Society

1 reviews
Fresno, CA - 1400 mi away
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“Oh my, at a untimely moment we lost our Mom. She had 7 adult children who had no clue what we had to make decisions on or about and the team was so patient and informative! The professional women, whe...” full review »

Featured Bynum’s Pleasant Valley Mortuary

Bynum’s Pleasant Valley Mortuary

101 reviews
Serving the entire state of California
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“I almost lost my marriage when I watched my wife turned into a total stranger and left the kids and I. I was so furious knowing I had done everything possible to ensure I sustained my marriage as a fa...” full review »

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Avenal, CA?

Service Type Average Price Lowest Price
Traditional Funeral $5,956 $5,956
Cremation Memorial $2,961 $2,961
Direct Burial $995 $995
Direct Cremation $595 $595