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McFarland-Foss Funeral Home is conveniently situated on Schaefer Road in Dearborn, just one block south of Ford Road and two blocks north of Michigan Avenue on the west side of the street. The funeral home occupies a corner plot on Schaefer Road and Ruby Street, near I-94 and is within a short drive of two cemeteries.

Both the north and south sides of the funeral home offer plenty of parking lots for guests. The attractive brown-brick, single-story building contains a lovely chapel that seats approximately 100 guests. Elegant and comfortable visitation rooms and various seating areas offer space for private reflection before ceremonies.

Funeral service includes complimentary pre-planning, traditional burial and cremation as well as direct cremation and direct burial. Serving all faiths, the funeral home was established by Alfred C and Glendola K McFarland in 1931.

Their long-time employee Donald E. Foss purchased the funeral home in 1966, and in 1981 his successor Shirley Foss Thompson took over the family-owned and operated business. She still manages it to this day. Services also include transfer of human remains, benefits assistance, grief counseling services, floral and headstone sales, caskets, vaults and urn merchandise and keepsake jewelry.

McFarland-Foss Funeral Home

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $2,495
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $375
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $375
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $375
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service N/A
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $350
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $425
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) N/A
Direct Burial N/A
Direct Cremation $1,550
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home N/A
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home N/A
Embalming $660

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