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Pax-Villa USA Funeral Homes - Miami serves the nearly 30,000 residents of the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, FL. This funeral home and cremation business features a prime setting near I-95 and I-195 and is only 3 miles from the City of Miami Cemetery.

The original branch of Pax-Villa USA Funeral Homes was opened in 1994. Since then, the business has grown to incorporate branches all over Florida, in New York and in Haiti. Pax-Villa Miami is operated out of a tan and clay-colored stucco building, which features traditional Spanish details. A gated off-street is offered to customers.

Haiti-native Fred St. Amand, Sr. founded Pax-Villa USA Funeral Homes to provide high-quality funeral services and cremations to the community. Though he started off alone, several members of the St. Amand family have joined the family business, including his two daughters.

Those families seeking a funeral service or burial through Pax-Villa USA Funeral Homes have many options, including direct cremation, cremation with a memorial service, traditional graveside service, motorcycle escort and horse-drawn carriage transfer. Bodies can be shipped internationally, and services can be broadcasted on the Web, for those that cannot travel.

Pax Villa USA Inc Funeral Home, Miami

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $1,995
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $695
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $695
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $695
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service N/A
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $395
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $325
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) $225
Direct Burial N/A
Direct Cremation $995
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home N/A
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home N/A
Embalming $895

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3 Reviews

Thanks for making our family's going home celebration so easy to plan!

Peg P.

Jul 09, 2021

Bitch I hate this house, I’m not paying 7,325$ for this shitty funeral home idk Wtv u wanna calll it but this is shit and I’m getting anger issues Bc of u so fuck u and ur family just go make money by being a stripper, Ik 1 day ull re-think ur life and listen to me ok-

Willy D.

Jun 19, 2021

Pax-villa deserves more than 5 stars. They are excellent when it comes to service.

Marly M.

May 11, 2021

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