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Armstrong Family Malloy-Mitten Mortuary on Venice Boulevard is conveniently close to Interstate-110. University Park and Staple Center are nearby local landmarks. Several churches, chapels and cemeteries are within a 30-mile radius of the funeral home, which serves the Southern California and Metro Los Angeles communities.

The welcoming white building houses a chapel that can accommodate up to 100 guests in comfort. Small family meeting rooms with modern amenities and furnishings provide peaceful home-like surroundings before funeral service begins.

The family-owned and operated funeral home includes both direct cremation and direct burial in their full-service funeral provision, alongside bespoke traditional burial and cremation with ceremony. Upon request, families can a memorial service in their own home, church or even their own garden or local park.

Funeral service also includes provision of funeral merchandise, pre-planning and veteran services. Founded by Burton Howard Armstrong more than 100 years ago, the family business has been managed for the past 25 years by Burton's great-grandson, Bob Armstrong.

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $757
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $155
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $255
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $255
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service $190
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $95
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $250
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) $425
Direct Burial $922
Direct Cremation $620
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home $550
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home $975
Embalming $295

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Adler Galloway Horrible incompetent rude dishonest disrespectful behavior. Will not take responsibility for poor follow up communication and mistakes. Small operation so if someone is not available you are out of luck. You and your loved one will not be handled with any care if my experience is any example. But trust they take your money. Know your rights. This is too important of a time to leave it in hands of people with the worst reviews no wonder the sites

Constance A.

May 24, 2018

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