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Greenlawn Mortuary & Cemetery

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Greenlawn Mortuary & Cemetery

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Basic Services of the Director, Staff, and Overhead $1,395
Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing/Visitation $200
Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony $900
Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service $900
Use of Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service N/A
Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (First Call) $395
Use of a Funeral Coach (Hearse) $150
Use of a Family Car (Limousine) $310
Direct Burial $2,115
Direct Cremation $2,655
Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home $1,895
Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home $2,290
Embalming $500

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1 Reviews

We used greenlawn funeral home for my mother's funeral.  There were many issues that caused great emotional hardship on top of losing our mother.  1.  The funeral director didn't show up for the funeral or graveside services leaving us to manage everything. 2.  They refused to allow us to dress my mother in her religious clothing for burial.  We had to fight to be allowed to dress her. 3.  At the viewing she had make up on her white burial clothing and during the viewing one of the funeral home employees was using a wipe and vigorously rubbing my mom trying to clean it. 4.  The flowers were kept in a shed on the funeral home property. We had to go to the funeral home the night before and help the staff locate her flowers for her casket and services. Once found they were wilted from the heat.  The funeral director told us they would be refrigerated until the services. 5. The day before the funeral the funeral home contacted us and said the casket was damaged sent us picture asked if we wanted to buy a different casket.  We checked with the casket company and the sent us the bill of lading with greenlawn employee signature that the casket was undamaged and in good condition. 6. At the graveside services we had to wait 45 minutes after services for her casket to be lowered to finish the final tribute, they pulled two guys who were mowing the lawn to lower her casket and then they threw a piece of plywood over it and walked away. 7. We spoke with a Jim who said he was the president of the company and explained all of this. He said we are short handed.  And to basically suck it up. 8.  Her obituary had the wrong place and time for services.  They had her wrong date of birth and death and name wrong as well. Again we had to contact them to fix it. We paid for a full service funeral and it was no where near the full service they said they would give. Finally. When they picked my mom up at the house the carried her out in a sheet and put her in the back of a minivan .... so disrespectful and distressing.

Jessica C.

Oct 10, 2021

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